Abseiling - Award Scheme

Award Scheme

Abseiling is an Adventurous activity designed to challenge youth members and can be used as part of the award scheme for scouts and older. Below we have outlined the badgework components we can offer:


To gain the Abseiling badge you must complete, with your Patrol or other Scouts and the appropriate qualified persons, all of the requirements for A, B and C. Participants must have attained the age of 11 years. Abseil must be single pitch, no greater than 50 metres.

All abseiling activities to comply with State safety regulations.


Prior to abseil, demonstrate precautions applicable to abseiling including:


  • approaching cliffs
  • safe distance to cliff edge
  • the need to restrain loose hair and clothing
  • knowledge of standard communication conventions used in abseiling.



  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of:
  • tape knot, including tie offs
  • figure 8 on a bight
  • the correct fitting of a harness
  • clipping onto the abseil rope
  • checking the system and the importance of having a second person check the system
  • a mock abseil on flat ground
  • suitable protective clothing for all seasons
  • the importance of using appropriate equipment and ropes
  • the basic rules for the use and care of equipment.



 Undertake five abseils.




Outdoors and Pursuits (Venturer Award)

Venturers should participate in a Weekend Activity with the Abseiling Team or multiple nights adding up to no less than 10 hours. They should understand the safety procedures associated with Abseiling.

Outdoors and Pursuits (Queen Scout Level)

Venturers should participate in multiple weekends increasing their involvement from participant to someone with the skills to be an active part of the team. Completion of the Level 1 Abseiling Book will also be required for Queen Scout Level, this shows that you have an understanding of the safety, procedures and how the activity works.