Abseiling - Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

For all those questions you just want to ask.

What is an Abseiling Event?

There are two types of Abseiling Events:

  • Weekends: For those in scouts or above, a whole weekend away learning to abseil and challenging yourself to achieve the best that you can.
  • Day Events: For Cubs and Joeys, an opportunity to experience abseiling and do lots of fun activities. These are travelling around the state to make sure we visit everyone.

How much does it cost?

While the State Abseiling Team tries to keep expenses down we do have to replace our gear regularly. This ensures that we maintain our high standards of safety. The cost of the event is variable depending on the event, you will find the cost is on the booking page for each event.

Where can we go?

The Abseiling Team is continually finding new sites to ensure that we can service the whole state. We also try to find sites that are varied in their difficulty and offer the most for youth members. If you think you know a cliff site that the abseiling team might be able to use please contact the team through the contact page. 

How do we get there?

You have to find your own way to the abseiling event. The abseiling team would love to help but with up to 20 participants on each adventure we can not supply transport to everyone. Make bookings with friends so that you can car pool.

What do we bring?

The Abseiling Team provides all the necessary equipment to abseil, you get to bring everything else, your tent and your food is supplied by you, that's right by you. This is because our abseiling leaders do so much work preparing the weekend that they don't have the time or the energy to do anything else.

Where do we stay?

Again this is up to you to organise, the Abseiling team will give you a recommendation but you have to book the campsite if needs to done and then you can sit back and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.

Where is the calendar?

Right here on Vicscouts.com.au look for the calendar link and next year it will also be in the info book.

How can we book in?

From the calendar page you can click the links to each event, if they are not there head to trybooking.com and search for abseiling.

Why can't we book the tower to promote our group?

The Abseiling Team is not a promotions team we are an activity team, our purpose is to provide activities to youth members not to members of the public. We understand that an abseiling tower is something quite cool and everyone want to have a go, but we don't have time in the year to do this and run all of the exciting activities we have planned. What we do offer is a chance for youth members to come and have an amazing time with us and then they can tell their friends about it.