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Flying Days & Bookings

Suitable programs are offered for Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rovers. While most events are held on Saturday or Sunday morning at Moorabbin Airport, recently afternoon events have been very popular. Activities generally start with a discussion, presentation and workshop with slides illustrating airfield safety, identification of the principal parts of an aircraft, theory of flight, control surfaces and aircraft recognition. The day concludes with all participants and leaders being given the opportunity to enjoy a short joy flight.

All bookings are subject to the availability of aircraft, pilots, presenters, and ground crew. Under normal circumstances events close 8 weeks prior to an event and will be confirm at last 4 weeks prior to the proposed date. Final numbers as a passenger list must provided no later than one week prior to the event. Events at Moorabbin Airport are normally limited to a maximum of 18 youth participants per session due to venue limitations. An option is available for an additional 12 youth participants in a separate group or an additional group of 18 as a later session. If part of the activity includes Scout Target Badge presentations, separate sessions are required for each Target Badge Level. Leaders, parents and carers may also fly or attend as observers.

Section Specific Program Options

In addition to the general Flying Day there are some section specific options:

  • For the Scout Section there are two Scout Target Badge options - the Scout Target Badge Day Courses which are intended for individual Scouts who wish to obtain any of the three Scout Air Activity Target Badges (see link to the right) or a Troop Target Badge Day covering one or possibly two target badge levels as part of a Flying Day

  • For the Venturer Scouts there is a Venturer Award Pursuit Challenge program that starts at a general Flying Day, progresses with more advanced aviation concepts and some basic flight planning, think of it as a hike in the sky, and finally a complete flying lesson

Our Team

All pilots and ground crew are registered members of the Scout Association (or holders of the Working With Children card) and each pilot is the holder of a current Commercial Pilots License issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). SAAV operates as a charter operation under stringent CASA guidelines, rules and legislation.

Flying Fun and flying

 What is the Cost?

Since 2014 the cost for a general Flying Activity Day at Moorabbin has been $50 per participant, due to increasing cost this will increase in 2018 to $55 per participant. There is an additional charge of $6.50 for Scout Target Badge Days to cover the cost of badges, and other expenses. As SAAV's Venturer Award Pursuit Challenge program consists of an hour of flight instructor and 40 minutes of flying time, the cost will be approximately $220 to $250 per participant.

Follow the link below to the TryBooking website to see the available dates or make a booking for Flying Days in 2017. For Scout Target Badge Days click here.

 for 2017

Follow the link below to the TryBooking website to see the available dates or make a booking for Flying Days in 2018. 

 for 2018

So what happens on a flying day?

If the weather is suitable for flying operations to commence, the usual structure is as follows.

Meet at the location nominated by the SAAV Co-ordinator (usually Moorabbin Airport) at 9.30am. Please have your participants gather in the car park in one spot and please do not obstruct other parties using the car park. Please inform your participants not to enter the building without a SAAV representative. Please note that the flying school we operate from is a working flight school and as such when it is time to go into the training rooms, SAAV will come and introduce themselves to the Leader in Charge and the group and will escort you and your group into the training rooms inside the building.

One your group is in the training rooms our SAAV team will provide all participants with a safety brief and a general introduction & slideshow on aviation topics suitable for the participants. Some of the information presented is part of badge work, however on flying days we do not  provide a structured badge slideshow. If your group is interested in a particular topic of badge work, which you would like the present to present on after our standard presentation, please let the presenter know and they will endeavour to assist you.

After the initial briefing, which usually takes around 30-45 minutes, groups of 3 will be collected and escorted by a SAAV team member loader from the training rooms to the air side, and to their aircraft for their flight.

Depending on the number of participants to fly in your group, SAAV may have more than one aircraft operating on the day, with the aim to have all flying completed by lunch time (subject to the number of participants and subject to weather). Please note that when flying commences late due to weather and there are a large number of participants, then flying may proceed to late in the afternoon.

Please note that participants should bring their morning tea, lunch and drinks as there are no places to purchase food or drinks nearby.

SAAV appreciates if all leaders who attend with the group assist with supervising their group and assist SAAV members when requested.

Tips for the flight

Participants should leave their hats, water bottles, backpacks and other items in the training rooms. Participants are welcome and encouraged to bring their cameras with them. For best results, the flash should be turned off and participants should hold their camera lens up against the windows to avoid reflections in their pictures.

All participants should follow the SAAV members directions at all times.

What does the Leader in Charge need to do before the day?

We ask that the Leader in Charge:

  • organise how many participants will be flying well in advance of the day (ideally when making the initial booking) and re-confirm final numbers at least 2 weeks prior to the date
  • ensures that they have a list of the full names of all who intend to fly, marking an "A" next to any adults (those 18 or over) and "I" next to any infants (under the age of 3)

Prior to the day, we ask that the Leader in Charge should:

  • tell all participants to wear full uniform
  • tell all participants to bring their test/badge work books
  • tell all participants to bring their lunch, morning tea and drinks
  • tell all participants the tips for the flight (set out above)
  • tell all participants to listen to all instructions of SAAV team members on the day
  • inform leaders and parents of the requirements in respect to flights and the possibility that they may not be able to fly, although SAAV will endeavour to fly all adults (see below)
  • tell all participants that they may not be able to fly with their family or friends, although SAAV will endeavour to help this occur
  • ensure that they obtain payment from all participants
  • ensure they have a cheque for payment for all participants
  • ensure that they have obtained an fully completed and signed authorisation form for all participants (see below for format of authorisation)
  • ensure that they have obtained a fully completed and up-to-date Personal Information Record form for all participants

Can Adults Fly?

Please note that whilst adults (i.e. leaders and parents) are able to fly, due to weight and balance issues in the aircraft, leaders and parents will not be permitted to fly during the first few flights of the day for each aircraft until the SAAV Co-Ordinator approves flights with adults. When adults are permitted to fly, only one adult will be permitted in each flight (together with two child participants). As you can appreciate, if weather is an issue on the day and there is limited time for flights, then priority will be provided to child Scouting participants. 

Can friends or family fly together?

Whilst we endeavour to allow friends and family to fly together (subject to the requirements above in relation to adults) due to operational reasons, this may not always be possible. It is important that participants are informed of this prior to the day. Operational reasons may include weight of participants, scheduling of flights and the need to fill empty seats on flights.

Is there anything else to purchase on the day?

Yes, there are Air Activities blanket badges available at $2.00 each, on the day.

What about adverse weather?

The Leader in Charge will usually be notified at around 7.30am on the day, or possibly the night before, if the weather is unlikely to be suitable for flying on your booking day. If weather will be unsuitable, then the day will be cancelled and can be re-scheduled to another suitable date. If the SAAV Co-ordinator for your day is unsure whether the weather will be suitable, then an assessment of the weather conditions will take place once you have arrived. Unless you are informed by a SAAV team member prior to the nominated start time, you should assume that that the flying day will proceed.

As you can appreciate, safety is our number one concern. As such, if by the time flying is to commence weather is unsuitable for flights then flying will be postponed to later in that morning/day if the weather is likely to improve, or a decision will be made to cancel the flying.

What is the authorisation form that each participant needs to complete and provide to the Leader in Charge?

We recommend you cut and paste the form below and have each participant complete and sign it. 


Must be completed for all persons flying under 18 years of age. 

I _______________________ give permission for my son/daughter ____________________ to participate in a light aircraft, piloted by a Commercial Pilot with the Scout Air Activities Victoria, on the Scout/Guide activity as organised by the Leader in Charge. 

Signed ____________ Date __/__/__

A copy of a CareMonkey or Scout PIR (Health Form) must be completed, signed and provided with this form.



View a map and get directions from Google Maps by clicking here.

For a map and instructions of where flying days and badge day courses are conducted at Moorabbin Flying Services, click here. There is no parking at Moorabbin Flying Services for Scouts. Please park across the road in the DFO car park and walk across the road into the Moorabbin Flying Services car park and to the main building. There will be an A Frame Sign pointing you to the registration area for the activity.

Do you run dedicated scout badge day courses?

Yes, the SAAV operate Scout Air Activity Target Badge Course days up to four time a year. Click here to check out further details of the Course.

Need Further Information?

While we prefer bookings via the TryBooking systems, if you need further information or need additional assistance to make a booking please contact us by email: .

Please include in your email:

Your full name

Phone number

Group and section name

Any special program requests

Preferred dates (please provide a couple)

Estimated number of participants wanting to fly

Whether you can attend Moorabbin or whether you request a regional flyaway