Airactivities - Gliding


Operated by the Gliding Club of Victoria - COME TRY GLIDING

The Gliding Club of Victoria (GCV) is based at Benalla, two hours up the Hume Freeway from Melbourne. They offer introductory gliding flights to Scout groups on weekends throughout the year.

The club’s instructors regularly fly groups of 10 to 20 air cadets and members of other youth groups from across Victoria. Each instructional flight is to 2000 feet and lasts between 15-20 minutes, giving a memorable experience of flying at a very reasonable cost per youth member.



The clubhouse and its outdoor shade area is available for use by visiting groups for lunching, resting and post-flight debriefings of group members.

The club also has a realistic gliding simulator in its training area, use of which can be included within the agenda of the visiting youth members.


Overall, a visit to the Gliding Club of Victoria gives an understanding of:

  • modern glider construction and daily aircraft airworthiness checks
  • behaviour expected of visitors near or on active runways and taxiways
  • aircraft controls including initiating turns, speed control and landing
  • light aerobatics can be included in the flights where conditions permit


You can watch a gliding aerobatics sequence here on YouTube.

Other outdoor activities in the immediate vicinity (to make a weekend or full day of it) are:

  • Warby Range and the Winton Wetlands, both toward Wangaratta
  • Lake Nillahcootie and Mount Samaria State Park, 25km toward Mansfield


                        We supply the Glider and the Pilot!  You have the fun!

As gliding activities are conducted by the Gliding Club of Victoria a Special Activity Permission Form is required.

To enquire about booking, call the Club’s office on 5762 1058 or go to the club website.