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SAAV at Moorabbin Airport

SAAV operates from Moorabbin Airport, shown by the red marker on the map below at Morrabbin Flying Services, 16 Northern Avenue, Mentone. Take the first left after the DFO and it is on the right near the start of Northern Avenue.
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For a map and instructions of where flying days and badge day courses are conducted at Moorabbin Flying Services, click here. There is no parking at Moorabbin Flying Services for Scouts. Please park across the road in the DFO car park and walk across the road into the Moorabbin Flying Services car park and to the main building. There will be an A Frame Sign pointing you to the registration area for the activity.

Facts about Moorabbin Airport

Moorabbin Airport was opened in 1949 as Melbourne's secondary airport and is 12 nautical miles south-east from Melbourne's CBD. The airport's location is at S37 58.60 E145 06.10 with a magnetic variation of 12 degrees east. The airport's elevation is 50 ft above sea level.

The existing runway layout was later modified to allow a mix of commercial and training flight operations. The current runway configurations are:

  • Runway 31L/13R 1060 x 18 metres. Extension to 2000 x 30 metres is possible.
  • Runway 31R/13L 1150 x 30 metres
  • Runway 35L/17R 1240 x 18 metres
  • Runway 35R/17L 1335 x 30 metres
  • Runway 22/04 571 x 18 metres

The runways are served by a network of taxiways and aprons, including a terminal apron capable of handling regional services with aircraft carrying up to 50 passengers. The above picture from Moorabbin Airport Corporation shows the location of the runways, taxiways, aprons, windsock positions, hangers, the tower, heliports, and the aviation museum.

The airport has a control zone of a 3 nautical mile (approximately 5 kilometres) radius from 0 - 2500 ft. An air traffic control (ATC) service is provided by Air Services Australia between the hours of 0900 - 1900 during daylight saving time and 0800 - 1800 at all other times. When ATC is available, the airport operates under Class D procedures. The tower is not radar equipped, but has direct communication with Melbourne Centre located at Melbourne Airport. When ATC is not available, the Moorabbin Control Zone is reclassified as Class G airspace with only the eastern runways 13L/31R and 17L/35R in use with lighting displayed continuously during hours of darkness.

The radio frequencies used for flying operations at Moorabbin Airport are as follows:

  • Moorabbin Tower is 118.1 MHz and 123.0 MHz depending on which runway you are using (i.e. east or west)
  • Moorabbin Ground is 119.9 MHz
  • Moorabbin Automated Terminal Information Services (ATIS) is 120.9 MHz and is retransmitted on the non-directional beacon (NDB) 398 KHz 
  • Melbourne Centre on the ground is 120.0 MHz
  • Melbourne Centre above and surrounding Moorabbin is 135.7 MHz

Moorabbin Map

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