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Scout Air Activities Target Badge Days




Applications for the Saturday, 20 August 2017 Scout Target Badge Day will open on Sunday, 21 May 2017 and will close on Sunday, 30 July 2017

To register you will need to click on the "Book Now" logo near the bottom of this page. If you wished to be notified of future Scout Air Activities Target Badge events, click on the "Waitlist" logo also near the bottom of this page.

The Scout Air Activities Target Badge Days are designed to cover the Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer level Scout Air Activities Target Badge. Participants also have a short flight in a Piper Warrior light aircraft.

This is an opportunity for Scouts to achieve their Scout Air Activities Target Badge without having to come to a flying day as part of their Troop. This activity is specifically designed to be a day for individual Scouts to obtain their Air Activities Target badge requirements. It is not a part of our regular weekend flying day program. Troop Badge Days covering one or two Target Badge Levels can requested as a Flying Day with the bookings co-ordinator. For further information click on the Flying Day page link on the right.

The aim of this course is for each Scout to achieve the Air Activities Target Badge of their choice. This is accomplished by pre-course work for Explorer levels, followed by the course. Due to time constraints, PLEASE NOTE THIS COURSE MAY NOT COVER ALL ASPECTS OF THE ADVENTURER LEVEL AIR ACTIVITIES TARGET BADGE. However, it will provide you the tools and knowledge to complete the Adventurer Level. Where Scouts are unable to complete all requirements of the respective Target Badge, the Scout will need to complete outstanding tasks with their Scout Leader.

Scouts can sign up to the course individually and do not need to have a Scout Leader present, as SAAV leaders will be present throughout the entire course. However, Troop Leaders are welcome to attend with their Scouts if they wish.

As with all SAAV flying days, each Pilot is the holder of a current Commercial Pilots License issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). SAAV operates as a charter operation under stringent CASA guidelines, rules and legislation. Each pilot also is a warranted leader and/or the holder of a Working With Children card.

2017 Scout Target Badge Days:

Register at the links below for Target Badge Days or for the waitlist.

Sunday 20 August 2017 - Applications will open on 21 May 2017 and will close on 30 July 2017

Saturday 18 November 2017 - Applications will open on 21 August 2017 and will close on 29 October 2017

2018 Scout Target Badge Days:

Register at the waitlist below to be notified when bookings for 2018 Scout Target Badge Days open. The expected dates are listed below.

Sunday 20 February 2018 - Applications will open on 19 November 2017 and closed on 30 January 2018

Saturday 28 May 2018 - Applications will open on 21 February 2018 and will closed on 8 May 2018

Sunday 21 August 2018 - Applications will open on 29 May 2018 and will close on 30 July 2018

Saturday 19 November 2018 - Applications will open on 29 August 2018 and will close on 29 October 2018

Event Location:

The meeting point and the primary location for the initial training and badge work sections for the day is at Moorabbin Flying Services, Moorabbin Airport, Mentone. Click here for a map of the location.

What to Bring and Wear:

  • Full Scout uniform
  • Cut lunch/snack and drinks (i.e. water or cordial). Please note there are no facilities to buy food or drinks and Scouts may not leave the centre during the day
  • Badge/Award Book, pen and paper/pad
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Completed pre-course assignment (Explorer level only). You will not pass the course unless it is provided on the day
  • A printed copy of the worksheet for your level


For 2017 a fee of $56.50 per participant is payable at the time of registration, this will increase to $61.50 in 2018. The cost includes a flight in a light aircraft and Target badge (if achieved). Bookings may be cancelled at anytime, however refunds will only be provided after bookings close if another participant from the waitlist is able to attend.


Unless advised by the SAAV prior to the day, the course will proceed irrespective of weather. In the event of adverse weather the flight will be postponed to another date.


Click on "Book Now" link below to the TryBooking website to register individuals for 20 August 2017 Scout Air Activities Target Badge Day . To make a booking for Flying Days including to request a Troop Air Activities Target Badge Day click here.


If you wished to be notified of future Scout Air Activities Target Badge events, please register via our online booking system:


Registration Documents: 

In the day you will need a copy of either the CareMonkey form or a PIR form. If you need the PIR please download, print out and bring on the day a Health Form for each scout registered. If you do not bring the either form then your scout will not be able to stay at the course.


Course Materials:

The following documents are the Course Worksheets which you will go through during the Course to complete the various levels. Explorer Level Scouts must complete the Pre-Course Assignment prior to attending the Course and bring along the assignment on the Course Day.

Want more information or have a question?

For more information on the course or if you have any questions please contact us by email