Welcome to Boroondara District Scouts!

Boroondara District is one of Victoria’s largest and most successful Scout Districts.  Communities from Alphington to Surrey Hills and from Ashburton to Kew have set up a network of 19 active Scout Groups.

They are formed and maintained because voluntary Leaders and parents believe in the benefits and teachings that Scouting has to offer and want to make it available to their children.


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The History of our District

The Scout District of Boroondara was formed when Scout Districts merged to align with the new municipal boundaries. With 19 Scout Groups and more than 1200 members, Boroondara is believed to be the largest Scout District in Australia. For Scouting purposes it includes two Scout Groups in the city of Yarra, plus 17 Scout Groups in the city of Boroondara - the former cities of Camberwell, Kew and Hawthorn. These Groups include some of the oldest in Australia - 1st City of Camberwell and 1st Kew - which were formed within months of the historic trial Scout camp on Brownsea Island in 1907.

Our District Badge

Hundreds of Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and Parents were involved in the design of our District badge. Our badge was truly a collabrative effort.

The tree represents all of the trees in the Boroondara area, but in particular, the "special" trees... the Coroboree Tree, the Canoe Tree and other ancient "marked" trees that played their part in the ceremonial life of the Wirrundjuri People. The Scout symbol forms part of the foliage of the tree.The grapes and vine leaf represent our historical heritage as a thriving grape growing area during the early days of European settlement.Likewise, the beehive remembers the honey production industry prominent in this area during the last century.The water around the outside of the badge represents the rivers and creeks of the Boroondara area... The Yarra River, Gardiners Creek, Koonung Creek.


The Role of the District Team

The District is the organisation level that oversees and encourages the development and effective operation of the Scout Movement in a defined community in accordance with the Aim, Principles, Method and Rules of the Scout Association of Australia and the Victorian Branch.


The main role of District is to support Groups by:

  • Providing program support in the way of District-run activities,
  • Provide forums for the sharing of ideas and leader assistance
  • Assisting in the recruiting, training and development of leaders by way of training courses,
  • Providing Personal Leader Advisers and general encouragement
  • Marketing and promotion of the Scout Movement within the local community
  • Developing Scout Groups to reach their full potential through planning and resources
  • Problem solving the difficult issues/situations
  • Maintaining good relationships with other organisations, local council and community
  • Assessing leadership and the delivery of youth training programs