Canoeing - Rolling Courses

Rolling Courses

The Canoe & Kayak Team conduct Eskimo Rolling Courses at Don Tatnell Leisure Centre in Mordialloc on the first Friday of every month (except January, December and long weekends).

The Eskimo Roll was developed to give kayakers a safe way to roll up while still in their kayaks, eliminating the need for separating from their craft which could be disastrous in fast flowing or cold water.

Eskimo rolling is one of the first things a kayaker should learn, it gives them confidence when they get on the water and a familiarity with the kayak.  So if you are considering doing a kayak course book into the Eskimo Rolling Course beforehand.

It is a great fun activity for Groups to do, the pool is warm and there is a pizza place near by.....

Many people are under the impression it is sheer strength that makes the roll a success - it is not, the technique of rolling is dependent on some flexibility and the kayakers ability to place their paddle in the right position.

The team pride themselves on getting most people to be able to roll in one session, you of course need to practice it and perfect it so it may take more than one session to become a master!

All bookings need to be made a minimum of one week prior so the team can make sure they have enough instructors and kayaks available.

We can also accommodate sea kayaks.

If you would like to book yourself or your group on an Eskimo rolling night you will need to contact White Water Officer

When you make contact advise the following information.

  1. What type of kayak you have
  2. If need a kayak please provide your height and weight
  3. If you require a pfd
  4. Any kayaking experience