Frequently Asked Questions

To save everyone's time, we have answered these Frequently Asked Questions:


Please take the time to read them before you email in, as you might just find your answer.



So.... how do I get my PIN?

Click here to generate a PIN. All PIN resets are emailed to email address recorded on the Extranet.


My email address is wrong/I haven't received my PIN, what do I do?

Email addresses can easily be changed by contacting either your Group Leader or Membership Support.  Unfortunately, we cannot change the email address on file for you.  Having the correct email address is important, as without a valid email address, you cannot apply for Cuboree.


I registered, but I haven't received an invoice, did I do everything correctly?

Your invoice won't generate until your Group Leader / LIC approves your application.  If you haven't received your invoice, please speak to your Group Leader!


I am a GL / LIC, how do I Accept applications?

Click here to log into the management system with your Extranet credentials.  You accept applications the same way you have done for previous Kangarees, Cuborees and Jamborees. – For more information, Click here to open a pdf document with step by step instructions to help you through the process. (It's from the last Cuboree, but the process is the same)


The system is demanding I list a home phone number, but I only have a mobile, what do I do?

If you only have a mobile phone, please put your mobile phone number in both the Home and Mobile Fields.


Where do I find a list of PINs for my eligible members?

From AJ2013 onwards the system was changed to remove access to other members PINs.  Members are able to generate and reset their own PIN if required. Click here to reset your PIN


Where/How do I upload a photo?

If you log back into your application, in the 'Applicant Details' tab there is an 'Applicant Details' heading. Directly under the heading there is a blue picture, directly under that is a link 'Upload Photo'.  Click on that link, and follow the prompts to upload a photo. (See image below) 

Photo upload


My Cub will be 11 years old before Cuboree starts, can they still come?

Generally No, they should have already linked to Scouts.  Special cases will be considered though, and you can apply in writing to John Kerr – State Commissioner Cub Scouts, by clicking here. Only special cases will be considered.


When are the payments due?

The first payment (50%), is due when the application has been accepted by the Group Leader / LIC, and the balance is due no later than the 10th of July 2017. The fees can be found by clicking here.


When and where are the Orientation Days?

Saturday August 12th - Catholic Regional College, Sydenham

Sunday August 13th - Monash University, Clayton


Can Parents come?

Parent helpers are more than welcome, provided they have approval from their Group Leader.  Parent helpers must be registered with Scouts Victoria, hold a Working With Children Check and a Police Clearance.  Once they have their registration number, they can apply online.


I’m a leader (with or without a bunch of Cubs) from Interstate, can I come too?

Yes you can, but we will need you to email us, so we can get the ball rolling.


I'm a Rover and I'm also a Leader, what fee will I be charged? Or I have been charged the wrong fee, what should I do?

Rovers who are also Leaders, and are working in Pack Lines will be charged the Leader Fee.  Rovers who are also Leaders, who are working in another area will be charged the Rover Fee.  The adjustment to the Rover fee needs to be done manually.  If you believe that you have been charged the incorrect fee, please email us, and we will look into it. This only applies to Rovers who are also Leaders. Rovers who aren't Leaders are automatically charged the Rover fee.


My question isn’t listed…

Then email us!


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