Key Dates

Here are some Key Dates to help with your planning:




Applications open

Term 1, 2017

Joeys wishing to attend, should be linking to Cubs

June 30th

Youth Applications Close

Final Payments Due


Pack Allocations

July 14th

Final Payments Past Due

August 12th

Orientation Day - Sydenham

August 13th

Orientation Day - Clayton

September 29th

Grand Final Public Holiday

Bump In Commences

September 30th

Bump In Day 2

October 1st

Bump In Day 3

October 2nd

Cuboree Commences

October 3rd

Cuboree Day 2

October 4th

Cuboree Day 3

October 5th

Cuboree Day 4

October 6th

Cuboree Concludes

October 7th

Bump Out Day 1

October 8th

Bump Out Day 2

October 9th

Fall in a heap.


Other things to consider:

When doing your program for 2017, make sure you cover all of the components of the Camp Out Badge, to make sure your Cubs are ready for Cuboree.  Click Here to view the requirements for the Camp Out Badge



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