Cub Scout Activity Camp


( Provided by an experienced team at Clifford Park Activity Centre - 5-7 Clifford Drive, Wonga Park. Melway 24 J-6)

For 22 Years, Scouts have had Activity Camps all to themselves at Clifford Park.  This year, based on the popularity of having Cub Scout Activity Camps last year we have three happening in 2017

25 - 26 -  March     Join the 'Cliffy' Gang of Bushrangers 

26 - 27 -  August -  Explore the Land of Eskimos

11 - 12 - November - Join the Crew of a Notorious Pirate Ship                      

Maximum number of Cub Scouts 36 (thirty six) per camp.

Cub Scouts MUST be accompanied by a Leader/approved adult helper, at a ratio of 1 adult per 6 (six) Cub Scouts or part of.

Accommodation  - Cabins - carpeted, heating, cooling, bunk beds.

Meals – Fully Catered, all meals included.

Cost $50.00 per Cub Scout

       One Leader per 6 (six) Cubs - NO CHARGE

       ADDITIONAL Leader / approved adult helper $25.00 per head.

Application Forms -


This is an exciting initiative to help packs broaden their cub’s experiences in a safe environment.  Please support this new venture and ensure its success in to the future.