Cycling And Mountain Biking - About The Team

About The Team

The Scout Cycling Team facilitates the delivery of Cycling and Mountain Bike Activities for members of all sections. Cycling is a great way for all sections to be able to deliver an adventurous program and the Scout Cycling Team aims to assist in this.


Our team is structured into three teams (or patrols), who focus on different areas:


Mountain Biking

The Mountain Biking Patrol is the group within our team who are qualified or working towards qualifications to be Mountain Bike Leaders able to lead groups in mountain bike activities and running mountain bike courses. We anticipate running mountain bike courses in 2016 and dates and information will be released early in 2016. If you’re interested please email Lachlan for more information.


Program Support

Our Program Support Patrol aims to offer support to allow groups and sections to incorporate cycling activities as a part of their regular program. This could include program suggestions and/or sample nights and activities, advice regarding bike hikes or activities, assessors for award schemes and sessions able to be run for Leaders around basic maintenance or other cycling skills. For information or assistance with any of the above please make contact with the Scout Cycling Team.



The Maintenance Patrol works to ensure the Cycling Team has safe and reliable bikes for cycling activities as well as undertaking the regular maintenance of equipment and event-side mechanical support for events. As we build up our fleet of bikes, we anticipate offering hire of bikes, which will also be facilitated by the Maintenance Patrol.