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Environment Badges

The World Scout Environment Badge seeks to create an awareness of personal responsibility for the environment. The badge encourages Scouts to connect with nature, think about how we interact with the environment and take action to protect it. For details on the badge speak to the leader of your section.

The environment is a global subject and the badge focuses on learning about local and global issues and how taking local action can help both of these. Listed below are a list of other badges that also are related to the Environment.

Joey Scouts

  • Environment Challenge

Cub Scouts


  • Section 11—The Natural Environment

Achievement Badges

  • Animals and Birds
  • Gardener
  • Naturalist
  • Space
  • Weather

Special Interest Badges

  • Landcare
  • Waterwise


Target Badges

  • Citizenship Target: Section 8—Environment

Elective Badges

  • Environment
  • Landcare

Proficiency Badges

  • Agriculture
  • Astronomer
  • Bushcraft
  • Outdoors


Venturer Award & Queen’s Scout

  • Environment

Special Interest Badges

  • Landcare
  • Endeavour Award
  • Scouts of the World Program


BP Method A

  • Ramble
  • Service
  • Project
  • Scoutcraft

BP Method B

  • Intellectual and Emotional Development
  • Social Development
  • Physical Development

Special Interest Badges

  • Landcare