Environment - World Scout Environment Program

World Scout Environment Program

The World Scout Environment Program is a collection of tools, resources and initiatives to support the development of environment education in Scouting and around the world. The programme is based on a set of environmental principles and aims that provide a foundation for environment education in Scouting.

The World Scout Environment Program includes:

  • Principles and aims for environment education in Scouting
  • Framework for education and the World Scout Environment Badge
  • Programme activity resources
  • SCENES – Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment
  • Scouts of the World Award
  • Partnerships

Further information on the Program can be found here.

SCENES are Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment.

The SCENES network aims to provide a valuable resource to engage Scouts in learning about and caring for our environment.

As at the 38th World Scout Conference there were nine SCENES in the world. Australia has one SCENE; Eprapah in Queensland.

For more information on SCENES or how your campsite can become a SCENE see the World Scout SCENE page.