Four Wheel Driving - Trip Classifications

Trip Classifications

The following classification system is used to class four-wheel drive trips.

The classification of a trip impacts on which sections of Scout members are able to attend. The limitations are listed below.


  • All Wheel Drive vehicles
  • High range only
  • Road tyres


  • Mainly high range, with some low range
  • Road tyres


  • Significant low range
  • Standard ground clearance
  • All Terrain tyres
  • Experienced drivers would have little difficulty on all sections


  • Extensive low range
  • High ground clearance
  • Mud Terrain tyres
  • Winch/Recovery equipment
  • Experienced drivers only
  • Experienced drivers with suitable vehicles may have difficulty on some sections


  • All snow driving in non-resort areas should be classified as Black for day trips, Red for overnight trips

Limitations of Trip participation

Injury can occur within vehicles if inexperienced passengers are subjected to rough rides. As such there are limitations on which sections are able to participate in trips depending on the trip classification.

Up to Blue

Up to Blue

Up to Blue (or Black if not too rough)

Up to Black

Rovers & Leaders
Up to Black (or Red if experienced)


If you have questions regarding these guidelines please contact the State Leader - Four Wheel Driving. Group Leaders who are unwilling to accept responsibility may request the assistance of the State Leader or his delegate.