Iga Community Chest

The IGA Community Chest is a pool of money that is raised throughout the year in IGA stores which is used to benefit community organisations and could be used by utilised by your Group.

The money is raised through various promotions, a percentage of sales on IGA Community Chest identified products and Community Chest catalogue promotions.

IGA Community Chest and associated programs have raised over $55 million for local community groups, not-for-profit organisations, charities and other worthy causes in the past 8 years. This money has assisted over 8,000 worthwhile causes.

Being an IGA beneficiary

IGA beneficiaries should engage in the local community, promote health fitness and wellbeing and be a value adding and cultural fit.

How are IGA Community Chest beneficiaries chosen?

There is a tiered system for choosing beneficiaries.

  1. For local activities the beneficiaries are chosen by the local stores (excl Victoria)
  2. Regional activities they are chosen by the region or group of stores
  3. State beneficiaries, they arechosen in consultation with the State Executive and Board.

Tips on becoming an IGA Community Chest beneficiary?

It is best to approach your local IGA store directly with a pitch including:

  •     An overview of your Group or the individual that you’d like supported
  •     What support are you looking for - monies, donations, in-store fundraising etc
  •     How the donation will be used and your timing
  •     What you can offer in return to IGA?
  •     Don’t forget to include your contact details.

When is the best time to approach IGA Community Chest?

Any time is a good time, as in most states IGA Community Chest beneficiary cheques are distributed throughout the year.

IGA Community Chest