Geocaching - How It All Works

How It All Works

GeocachingFour simple steps:

1/ Log on to a Geocaching website and search for hidden caches in your local area.

2/ Copy the navigation co-ordinates into a bushwalking GPS.

3/ Go find it!

Once you have found the cache, please be careful not to give the game away to other people that are not Geocaching.
If you see something you like in the cache, please swap it but: “Trade up / Trade equal / or Don’t trade” is the motto of caching.
When out Geocaching with your mates, non-Geocaching people are referred to as “muggles” and we try to re-hide the cache in its original place so as not to spoil the game for the next Geocachers.

4/ Log your find on the Geocaching website and record your visit and share your experiences but don't give away any clues in your log.

GPS technology uses the came satellites used in car GPS systems but in a different way. Rather than using street names and numbers, Geocachers use co-ordinates like these: S 37° 53.708 E 145° 07.822 which are geographic map reference points.

Some Geocaching websites are: - Premier Geocaching site - Australian Geocaching site - Geocaching site by Garmin