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Scouting Themed Caches

These caches are located on the site and you will require a free basic membership to view the cache information. These caches are only for Victoria. For Scouting caches located in other states, please visit the GeoScouts Australia website.

GC Code Cache Name
GC27YEA Our Little Scouts #1
GC2A823 Our Little Scouts #2
GC2AYHR Our Little Scouts #3
GC2D03D Our Little Scouts #4
GC2E84M Our Little Scouts #5
GC2J1T8 Our Little Scouts #6
GC2MY2A Our Little Scouts #7
GC2MY2C Our Little Scouts #8 "Skipper Holland Hall"
GC2MY2E Our Little Scouts #9 "Geyer Hall"
GC29WFM 1st Pan Pacific - Entrance
GC29WG7 1st Pan Pacific - Chief Residency
GC29WHJ 1st Pan Pacific - Grandstand #1
GC29WJD 1st Pan Pacific - Grandstand #2
GC29WJZ 1st Pan Pacific - Delecombe Park
GC29WKA 1st Pan Pacific - Civic Reception
GC29WKM 1st Pan Pacific - Playing Field
GC29WM3 1st Pan Pacific - Water Easement Track
GC29WMR 1st Pan Pacific - Closing Ceremony
GC2C1A8 Be Prepared
GC2XZNV 1st Camberwell Scout Group
GCGVNY Scoutin' about
GC24MNA Scouting About - 1st Mornington
GC2J5FF 1st Hastings Scouts
GC1GA4E Leopolds Scouts
GC111RH Scout About
GCQ8BZ Scouting Around in Anglesea
GC1XJK7 1st Lavington Scouts
GC2MY2E 1st Lavington Scouts #2
GC27GEX Granya Scouts
GC13D42 Gilwell Park 1
GC13D4B Gilwell Park 2
GC3NGJF 2nd Mornington Sea Scouts
GC3FQD0 SS Seafire - Sea Scouts Ahoy
GC3GFQE Scouting Around Officer