Geocaching - Tips And Hints

Tips And Hints

  • Geocaching

    Follow the outdoor safety rules that you learn in Scouts.
  • Like bushwalking and a lot of other outdoor activities, always take a friend. For safety and it’s more fun to share the finds with mates.
  • Take a daypack with water and a snack and the same equipment that you would do if planning a day hike. Your Scout Leader will help you with this.
  • Always stick to the track is another bushwalking rule that works with Geocaching. Caches can only be placed near tracks or where the public are allowed to go.
  • Geocaches are NEVER buried, hidden in animal hides, inside electrical equipment or behind fences.
  • Anything can be swapped in caches, a lot of Scouts badge swap, but nothing that is dangerous, illegal or any foods are to be placed in a cache. Also remember when you trade, use the motto of: Trade Up, Trade Even or Don't Trade
  • Log Travel bugs and Geocoins as soon as possible and try move them on within 2 weeks.
  • Remember to be sneaky and find the cache without giving the hide away!