Geocaching - Travel Bugs And Geocoins

Travel Bugs And Geocoins


Sometimes you may be lucky and find a Travel bug or a Geo-coin in a cache. But you must not keep these – The game is to move them to another cache as soon as possible These are another part of Geocaching that help make it a world wide game.

A Travel Bug is a simple aluminium tag each with a unique number and often attached to something. And each Geo-coin also has a unique number.
Take the TB and GC’s from the cache and record the number. When you log your discovery of the cache that you have just found on - also record that you have found a TB or CG. And look where it has been before you found it.

Travel Bug

Then, perhaps another day, place it in your next cache find and log which cache you have left it in. That way a TB or CG can move freely from cache to cache, State to State and often Country to Country, sometimes 20,000 klm or more around the world visiting many different countries all thanks to honest Geocachers like you.