Gilwell Heritage - His Works Are All About You

His Works Are All About You

A lovely feature of Gilwell Park, as anyone who visits will notice, are the very attractive stone gateways.

The first warden of Gilwell,  Mr C A “Arch” Hoadley, went to great lengths to beautify Gilwell with ornamental trees and gateways and, although many of the trees didn’t survive due to the local environment, we are still blessed with these  impressive gateways.


Luxton Gates

                                      Luxton Gates

Stonemasons plaque











                                                                         James Thompson's Memorial Plaque



Somers walk Gates











                                  Somers Walk Gates



Hoadley gates



                                                                          Hoadley Gates                                  


The creator of most of  these structures was one James Thompson, a retired stonemason from Footscray, and his memorial plaque can be seen in the Gilwell Park chapel. As well as several of the gateways he also built the altar, side table, side walls and entrance columns to the Chapel.  Next time you visit Gilwell, if you are very observant, you will discover a stonemason’s mark chiselled into the hinge face of the pillar on the right hand side of the Luxton gates.