Health - Breaking The Cycle %E2%80%93 Bullying, It%E2%80%99s Not Part Of Scouting

Breaking The Cycle – Bullying, It’s Not Part Of Scouting

Scouts Australia launched a Messengers of Peace project called Breaking the Cycle - Bullying, it’s not part of Scouting

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Our goal is simple - we want to break the bullying cycle that can occur within our organisation. This issue concerns everyone involved in Scouting. Our youth membership is affected by bullying and harassment, as are our uniform and non-uniformed adult helpers in Scouting groups and Scouting communities.

The project aims to promote strategies of how to break the cycle whilst minimising bullying and harassment using simple tools, and strategies that can easily be used by Leaders and Youth members. Awareness of how to break the cycle of bullying and harassment will be embedded into youth programs through badge work and the training scheme for adults. Resource materials will be available for youth members, parents and leaders from each Branch.

You can contribute to the project with your ideas.

The contact email address is