Health - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scouting a Nut Free Environment?

Many Scouting activities have nut minimisation, Individuals can be asked not to bring nuts to an activity. This is particularly so, if leaders are aware that a member has an allergic reaction to nuts. However, unless a product is manufactured in a nut free factory, it is not guaranteed nut free.   In Scouting,  we can never guarantee “nut free” the term must not be used as this creates an expectation we cannot deliver.

What is the difference between Harassment & Bullying?

I don’t think it matters whether it is Harassment or Bullying, neither is acceptable. Discrimination is also not acceptable & if a discussion is taking place should also be included.
• Harassment : any verbal or physical behaviour  that is unwanted or unwelcome that makes a person feel uncomfortable, offended, humiliated and/or intimidated.
• Bullying: repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed toward a volunteer, employee, or group of employees/volunteers, that creates a risk to health and safety. It includes behaviour that is offensive, intimidating, humiliating or insulting.
• Discrimination: Discrimination occurs where a person is treated less favourably than others because of a particular

I have a youth member who has an autoinjector (one brand is Epipen). What should I do?

A policy is being produced. However in the meantime the following is the general advice for members with known allergic reactions:
• An individual must have action plan provided by their doctor.
•  A copy of the action plan should be displayed in the hall and taken with member on outings along with their PIR
• The individual must carry the autoinjector such as an EpiPen™. It must be carried on the person not in some bag which could get mislaid. (An exception to this may be those on stage in a Scout production in which it would be with first aid, or Joeys but the latter would be discussed with a parent & in the action plan.)
• Leaders should be first aid qualified, with the current Scout courses having an extensive component on the identification and treatment of severe allergic reactions.
• The pen of one person to not to be used on another. 

Does Scouting provide Counselling?

Scouting cares for its members & Vic scouts is developing a Counselling policy to provide assistance to members to ensure their emotional wellbeing if a traumatic event should occur at a Scouting activity or where Scouting members are involved. If you are unsure as to whether Scouting can assist you please contact the BC Health by email or 0413 008 571) for assistance or guidance as to who may assist.

Is there a health form for use at the hall?

Scouting has a PIR (Personal Information Record) form for use on activities outside the hall & a new form needs to be submitted for each activity. Due to requests, it is being investigated as to how this form could be used as a record at the Hall & how often it would need to be updated. I believe a new form would still need to be completed for each out of hall activity. It is important that you do not develop your own forms. It needs to be remembered parents must take the responsibility for informing you of health issues related to their child. No form is required for this.