Health - Links & Resources For Youth Members

Links & Resources For Youth Members

Here is a list of resources and websites that youth members (and adults) may like to access to assist in learning and coping with societal issues


Michael Carr-Gregg's links for Young People this is an excellent list of resources covering a range of topics including sex, drugs, alcohol, mental health, illness and more.

Mindhealthconnect website a website where you can research tools and resources to assist with a healthy mind.

The Youth Participation Practice Network, based at YACVic (a great resource for all things youth in itself!), are a terrific network of people from around the State who are passionate about young peoples social, economic and civic participation. They hold regular meetings, run forums, develop resources and share support online. Sign up by completing an initial survey or contact Linda Randall.

E-headspace a free and confidential space where young people can access private and secure counselling by phone or online.

Sex, Love & Other Stuff is a website and booklet that tackles just what it says it does, for young men.

No to Homophobia

The No to Homophobia campaign has recently been launched which includes advertisements confronting the discrimination still present in schools, sporting clubs, workplaces and other public places. The campaign aims to challenge all forms of harassment and discrimination faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people. The campaign aims to reduce the incidence of harassment in Victoria (and beyond) by empowering people and the broader community to respond to and speak out against this harassment.

Hate is not OK - and there is something you can do about it

The aim of this new Anti-Hate website is to get people, particularly younger people, to think about racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination and encourages them to take action.

Sexual Assault

The Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) has a wealth of resources to support people who have experienced sexual violence, including dealing with 'e-hate' and other abusive behaviour online. Visit their website here.

The Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault is an Australian Government body and have an appropriate website. They are currently doing some work around mobile phones and sexual violence; you can see some of the work here


Project Rockit is a great youth run anti-bullying initiative. They offer videos, e-learning, courses and much more. See their website here and a project of theirs here

Mental Health

E-hub is a suite of online self-help services around mental health, through the ANU's Centre for Mental Health Research. They provide access to mental health support and clinical and consumer networking. Visit their website for more information.

Tune In Not Out, or TINO, provides a space where young people can use a variety of new media to tell their stories around mental and sexual health issues. There are blogs, music, videos and more, as well as an online studio where you can create your own material. Have a look at it here.