Health - R U Ok? 11th September 2014

R U Ok? 11th September 2014

This year this will be held on Thursday 11th September 2014 

R U OK? Day

This is a day designed for friends to contact friends to simply ask - are you OK?

Founded here in Australia, this initiative was initially intended to minimise the number of people who suffer from mental illness, such as depression, feeling alone and isolated and in some instances harbouring thoughts about self-harm. R U OK has been credited with saving numerous people from suicide right across Australia.

Check out the website for lots of information & resources.

Wondering what to say once you've made the call to someone? You're not alone, which is why, amongst many other things, you can get an app that gives you some quirky conversation starters. And that's the point, you are just having a chat, not providing professional help! So for some inspiration - just how would you undress a swanky snail? - go to the website.

Just think - if every Venturer, Rover and Leader in Victoria were to ask R U OK? just once on this day, then over 6,000 conversations would commence.  Ask at home, at school, at work and at Scouts and 25,000 people would not feel alone.  No cost, no trouble to ask and who knows what might happen?  A Good Turn with a difference!