Hoadley Hide - Help Run Hoadley Hide

Help Run Hoadley Hide

Matt McKernan is the Hide Leader for 2016

 We, the team, need some more help to run Hoadley 2016

There are many jobs that need to be taken up so the Hoadley can run smoothly in 2016

These jobs range from pre Hoadley and onsite jobs to small necessary jobs needing completion before the Hoadley ever starts. Some jobs require specific skills, others would extend Venturer or Rover skills and interests, other just need a volunteer. Fun is to be had, regardless

Check these links and see if you can help us help the Venturers enjoy HH2016

Website developer                             Videographer                      Oddjobs                

First Aid clerk                                    Venturer Leaders                

Scoring the Teams                                Stunt Leader                    Transport Co-ordinator 

Personnel  Manager                         Social Media Co-ordinator    District Loudmouth

        Marketing and design                  Region Rover rep               Stunt Cluster people 

 To make contact about the above, please email the team on venturers@hoadleyhide.com