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Info For Rovers

How to Run a Hoadley Hide Stunt – Edited from an article by Ross Tuddin

Hoadley Hide is the best promotional activity that Rovers have with the Venturer section. At Hoadley Hide hopefully your crew will be running a stunt and at your stunt you will have all the access to Venturers you could want. While the Venturers are completing your stunt you can talk casually to the Venturers about Rovers in general, or what makes your crew special.

Step 1: Pick an idea for your stunt theme.
The First step in running a stunt at Hoadley Hide is choosing a theme for your stunt. Dressing Up to go with your theme is crucial as it helps set the atmosphere. There’s no point doing a pirate themed stunt if you are dressed in your normal bumming around clothes. You have several months so go to op shops or Savers and look for clothes to go with your theme, or better yet you can design and make your own costumes. By making them you put yourself into the mood to run the stunt and will enjoy the weekend much more.

Step 2: Are you running a normal stunt or a mini-stunt?
Once you have an idea for your stunt you must find out how many people from your crew or a group of crews you can find. If you have 5-6 or more you can run a full sized stunt, it is possible with 4 but it is very challenging for the Rovers attending and a really exhausting weekend. A nice number for running a stunt is about 10-12 as this gives everybody a sleep in over the weekend as well as down time later in the day. If you have more than this number you might like to consider running a second stunt next to each other and camp together.

If you only have less than 5 or even just one or 2 enthusiastic people, you might like to run a mini-stunt. A mini-stunt as the name suggests is a little stunt that can be run by 1 person. The example of a mini-stunt involves a stuffed animal and a bent PVC pipe and without tipping the pipe the Venturers must get the stuffed animal out of the pipe.

Step 3: What will the Venturers do?
Now that you have your stunt theme you must now decide what activities will your stunt contain does it involve the Venturers reaching into some disgusting goo of spaghetti and oyster sauce to get a key or perhaps it involves pressure sensitive plates on the ground that the unit must walk over blindfolded while the person directing gives them directions in an alien language. The activities can be complex or they can be as simple as finding an item hidden in a maze or a field. A requirement of HH is that you try to be able to get 6 teams in your stunt at once (not required for mini stunts). This doesn’t mean you have to have 6 activities so long as you can keep 6 teams busy eg. Looking for a pirates chest, if you had several chests and different keys to open the different chests you could have multiple teams doing the same part of the activity at the same time.

Step 4: Choose a Site Number
The next step is to reserve a stunt site for your stunt. There are usually two site visits for each Hoadley Hide. Keep an eye out for details of these dates coming soon.

Step 5: The Easter Weekend!!!!!
As you prepare for the Easter weekend working on the activity components, making your costumes, selecting appropriate music that you will play when teams of venturers arrive. Make sure you have fun and don’t be afraid to change aspects of your stunt if they are proving too difficult. The required parts of a stunt are
•    A sign in tent,
•    Cover for Venturers to put their packs and rest
•    A Water Drum for the Venturers to refill their water bottles.
These are not required at mini-stunts, but shelter for the crew while waiting for the next team is always a good idea.

Everything else is optional and completely up to you. Make sure you enjoy yourselves running your stunt because if you aren’t having a good time you will in turn affect the Venturers running through your site.

Step 6: HAVE FUN!!!!!
If you follow these 5 steps you will go well on your way to achieving step 6 and hopefully you might drive away from the weekend with some future crew members or at least their contact details and you might even win the BEST STUNT AWARD.