Hoadley Hide - What Is Hoadley Hide

What Is Hoadley Hide

Hoadley HideHoadley Hide is an annual Scouting activity (started back in 1952) and can be described as a "large scale" Initiative Course. The Hide is organised by the Victorian State Venturer Scout Council of Scouts Australia and runs over the Easter period from Good Friday until Easter Monday. Venturer Scouts and Guides from all over the state (and from other states of Australia) come to take part in this exciting activity that is a highlight of the Venturing year.

Up to 300 Venturer Scouts and Guides between the ages of 14 to 18 years attend the activity, which is supported by 200 adult Leaders, Rovers and lay staff. The event is coordinated by the Hoadley Hide Team under the direction of the Hide Chief. The Commissioner for Venturer Scouts, assumes overall responsibility for the conduct of the event.

Each Team is made up of 4 to 6 members and they are self contained, supplying their own food and shelter in tents. Teams hike over a course of 10 to 20 square kilometers and attempt up to 25 Activities sites (Stunts) that operate throughout the area, usually on tracks, roads or intersections. Teams are encouraged to visit as many stunts as possible over the period of the Hide and use their initiative and scouting skills to complete various tasks. The stunts are a variety of activities and include fun, brain work, real life emergencies, pioneering and some with physical elements that test a range of skills and teamwork.Hoadley Hide

On Monday morning, a final parade occurs at a convenient site, close to main bush access roads, where the competition awards are presented. All of the points are tallied and those Teams with the highest grading, 'A' become Co-Holders of the Hide, while the others are graded 'B', 'C' and 'D'. Co-Holder Teams have their Unit name engraved on the Hoadley Hide shield and receive special belt badges, pennant and a mini replica of the Hide.

Each year, pennants are awarded to each Team and belt badges are issued to all participants.

What makes Hoadley Hide different each year are the themes that are dreamed up to add fun and excitement to the event. Some of the past themes have been On Location, Revolution, Crusades, Federation, Space Trek. Teams and Stunt Crews dress up and the stunts are "dressed up" in keeping with the theme each year. This brings lots of fun and good vibes to the event.

Hoadley Hide is a popular activity giving all Venturer Scouts a chance to practice their hiking skills, opportunities to test their abilities in bush craft and scouting skills and to meet other young people in a challenging and fun Easter activity.