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Jamboree On The Air

JOTA-JOTI BadgeDate: 15-16 October 2011
"Peace, Environment and Natural Disasters"

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) is an annual event in which about 500,000 Scouts and Guides all over the world make contact with each other by means of amateur radio. Radio signals carry their voices to virtually every corner of the world!

The sheer excitement of having a live conversation with a fellow Scout or Guide in another country is the main thing that attracts so many youngsters to this event – JOTA is a real Jamboree during which Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared. It is a unique opportunity for each individual Scout to get a true feeling of belonging to a worldwide Movement.

The theme of this year's JOTA is "Peace, Environment and Natural Disasters."

To participate in JOTA you must have a licensed amateur radio operator, Standard or Advanced level, who will supply all the equipment plus his/her expertise. You should help your operator to set up and pack up, provide Leader supervision at all times, offer refreshments, and give them a big thank you afterward.

JOTA Magazine publicityJOTA can be set up anywhere and is done so regularly all over Australia with as simple a system as a wire antenna slung from the branches of a gum tree and a radio run off a car battery!

For more about JOTA, program ideas (such as Vuvuzela Morse Code...!!!), info about this year's theme, down-loadable logos and a link to the 'Online Radio Scouting Library', visit the world JOTA site by clicking here.

**Scouts Australia got a good write-up in the May issue of Amateur Radio magazine, produced by the Wireless Institute of Australia. The editorial was dedicated to JOTA, and there was an excellent article (and cover shot) about the amateur radio activity at AJ2010, the 22nd Australian Jamboree. Click on the cover on the right to see more!**