In Joeys we also do lots of activities.

This page gives you an idea of some of the activities done by Joey Scouts. For more information on craft and other activities speak to your Joey Leader.

Balloon Rocket

Set up a piece of string about 5 metres long running along the hall on a slight incline. Give each Joey Scout a balloon, which they blow up and secure with a peg. Tape the balloon very loosely to a straw and thread the straw on to the string. When the peg is released the balloon rocket will fly along the string. Only one balloon at a time can be released so patience will be needed.

Plaster Casts

To make a plaster cast of a footprint, make a frame from a circle of cardboard; rub the inside with vaseline and then place over the track. Mix plaster thickly then pour into the frame. Let set for about 20 minutes. Remove the frame and brush it clean. Next, apply vaseline again to the inside of the frame and place the mould inside. Pour in new plaster and again allow to set. Remove the frame and brush mould.

Where does the Bunyip live?

We all know that a Bunyip is a mythical creature and, although many people have claimed to have seen its home, only a handful really have and they will not tell about this secret place. Let us imagine what the home of a Bunyip might be like. In turn Joey Scouts describe one aspect, e.g., a hollow tree; the tree is on the edge of a creek; two giant owls live in the tree and stand guard over the home, etc. As the Joey Scouts describe the Bunyip’s home one of the leaders draws in the details on a blackboard or butcher’s paper. Alternatively, have the Joey Scouts draw this in after they have given their description.