Badges For Joey Scouts

Joey Scout Challenge Badges

Joey Scouts participate in a number of activities that are specific to the age group, which allows them to strive to earn a badge in a fun yet meaningful fashion.

Each of the Challenges are usually done by the whole Mob together. Some Challenges have elements that families can do together with their Joey Scout.

Four of the Challenges are considered 'Participation' badges, where the Joey Scout earns these badges by joining in with their Mob of fellow Joey Scouts on the same Challenge. In addition to the specific aspects of each Challenge, these activities develop the Joey Scouts' social awareness, and spirit of teamwork.

The Promise Challenge is the major Challenge for the Joey Scout Section and has some individual elements as well as activities to do with the Mob. This is generally attempted by the older Joey Scouts.

Care And Share ChallengeCare and Share Challenge

The Joey Scout motto is Help Other People.

One way in which Joey Scouts can help other people is through participating in a Care and Share activity. A month of activities are organised for the Mob, to help the Joey Scouts to understand the concept of caring and sharing in the community.

The Joey Scouts are introduced to different levels of caring and sharing, for friends, for the Scout Group, for the community... they learn that even small contributions add up and can make a difference. As part of this Challenge they might visit a local nursing home or contribute a special toy to a toy library, help to tidy up the local park, or share something special with the Mob, a new story, or a new game. Helping a friend is Caring and Sharing too.

Some ideas for Caring and Sharing

Through active participation with the wider community:

  • Old peoples home visits to distribute Easter eggs, flowers, concerts etc.
  • Hospital visits - Children's ward. or an Animal Refuge.

Joey Scouts will be able to recycle a personal toy/game/book etc, that they would like to donate to a charity of the Mob's choice  (The Salvation Army, Children's ward):

Food donation bought from home to distribute to Smith Family, or Salvation Army.

Pet food - Have a visitor from the RSPCA talk in regard to looking after pets.

Look after the appearance of the Scout Hall amd its surroundings (gardens etc):

  • Do an Emu parade around Scout Hall environs, or water the garden plants during Mob meeting

Share your Mob with another Mob through communication:

  • Letters, booklets, photos, e-mail, video, banner. (Not to meet other Mob)

Ask a friend (with parent approval) to share Joey Scouts.

  • Sharing a favourite game to be played e.g. board or totem tennis etc.
  • Share/bring photo of pet - story to tell


Mob Buddy ChallengeMob Buddy Challenge

Joey Scout Mobs arrange to visit each other, share activities and have great fun. This helps to broaden their sense of community, and creates opportunities for new and varied experiences. The Challenge shows them that they are part of a much larger world-wide Movement.

One Mob visits the other, who then return the visit. Special activities are held when Mobs visit. Later, this could progress to sharing an outdoor activity, sleepover or Mob holiday, you can have a 'virtual' Mob buddy scheme by using the Internet.

So, your Mob visits another Mob. It's easy so far, isn't it?

Then the other Mob visits your Mob (these visits can be for any activity at all, but I's a good idea to try to make them special nights.)  Of course, it doesn't matter who visits first as long as each Mob visits each other.  Still easy, and fun too!

And finally, both Mobs share an outdoor activity, sleepover or Mob holiday. That's it! (Hopefully you will continue to be Buddies and enjoy other occasions together). The Mob who you buddy with can be any Mob, inside or outside your District.

Environment ChallengeEnvironment Challenge

The whole Joey Scout Mob participates in four simple environment tasks to help develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment and a sense of responsibility towards it.

The tasks may include activities such as;

  • Learning about native birds and animals, learning about native plants, collecting seeds and planting the seedlings,
  • Learning about conservation and identifying weeds and pests
  • Recycling and re-using, and cleaning up litter
  • Participating in an environmental activity such as 'Clean up Australia Day' or 'Murray Darling Rescue'.


Adventure ChallengeAdventure Challenge

This challenge is designed to broaden each Joey Scout's life experiences through visiting places the Mob would not usually visit. Some of the adventures the Mob could go on include a trip to the beach, waterway, zoo, museum, bush walk, farm etc.

The Joey Scouts are encouraged to make a personal record of their adventures (photos, drawings or stories).

The Joey Scout Promise Challenge Badge

The Promise Challenge Badge is the highest achievement that a Joey Scout can attain. It is not expected that all Joey Scouts will attempt and complete this Challenge, but all are welcome to 'give it a go'. The Joey Scout Leaders will provide guidance as to whether a Joey Scout is ready for the Challenge.

Promise Challenge

The Promise Challenge is an individual badge designed for the 7 year old Joey Scout. It is the major Challenge for the Joey Scout Section and has individual elements as well as activities to do for the Mob.

The aim of this Challenge is to allow older Joey Scouts to gain a greater understanding of the Scout Promise and Law and to learn about our Founder, Lord Baden Powell (BP), and the history of Scouting. This will require the Joey Scout to find out about Baden-Powell, and the larger Scouting Movement. They will expand their understanding (in an age appropriate manner) of

  • Duty to God
  • Duty to Others
  • Duty to Self

The existing challenges -

  • Environment Challenge
  • Adventure Challenge
  • Buddy Scout Scheme
  • Care and Share Activity

are designed to be Mob participation badges. whereas the Promise Challenge should reflect the maturity of the Joey Scouts and their greater understanding of the Promise and Law.

This will require the Joey Scout to complete certain elements away from the Mob meeting. These will involve research and discussion with their parents and leaders as well as a presentation to their mob on completion of the task.

BP/Scouting History

Ask your parents for permission to use the internet, or the library to find out some information about BP and Scouting.

'Who was BP?' Joey Scouts have choice as to ‘writing’ about or 'telling‘ us about information.

Find out about five interesting things about BP and either write down or tell your Mob. Some things you might like to ask about -

  • BP's job. family, where he lived, what he did, what he was famous for, date of birth
  • How many other sections in Scouting are there? Can you name the other sections?
  • What is a Jamboree or Cuboree? You might like to ask Cubs and Scouts for help

Duty to God

  • Why do we say a prayer at the Joey Scout meeting?
  • Write a prayer about what it means to ‘love my God‘ and share at your Mob meeting or at a Scout's Own

Duty to Self/Others

  • think of a way you can help another person in your community/area where you live and discuss this with your parents and Joey Scouts Leader
  • Do your best to complete the activity you have chosen and share with your Mob and Leaders.You might like to take photos or draw pictures to keep for yourself and share with others

A most important part of this challenge is that the work is visually the work of the Joey Scout  (keeping in mind that spelling and tidiness are not critical for a 7yr old), and not something typed on a computer (or done by Mum and Dad).

This badge is generally the last Challenge Badge that they earn as a Joey Scout. It is the only Joey Scout Challenge badge that carries over to the next section -- Cubs.

You can find the Promise Challenge Badge form on the Award Applications page.

Placement of badges on the uniform

The Care and Share, Environment, Mob Buddy and Adventure Challenge badges are worn on the right sleeve of the Joey Scout uniform, in a diamond shape. The
badges can be placed in any order.

The Promise Challenge badge is worn on the left sleeve of the Joey Scout uniform.

This badge should be transferred to the Cub Scout uniform when the Joey Scout goes up to the  Cub Scout Pack. It is placed in the position that the Bronze Boomerang will eventually occupy,
and is replaced when the Bronze Boomerang is earned.

Where to put those Badges ... click here.


Bring A Friend Badge


Bring a Friend Badge

This badge can be earned by any Youth Member, and it can be earned multiple times too!

To earn this badge a Joey Scout must:

Bring a friend (not a current member) to at least 3 meetings/activities

  • during which the Joey Scout (and their Leaders) teach the friend a simple Scouting skill.
  • and the friend learns something about the next Section (e.g. coming to the Joey Scout Mob and learning about Cub Scouts), which could simply be who they are, what they do etc.

That's it!. Your friend does not have to join Scouting in order for you to earn the badge. We rely on our Joey Scout program being exciting enough to encourage them to join us.
The first Bring a Friend badge you earn goes on your uniform. However, if you bring more friends, you can earn more badges - additional badges can be sewn onto your camp blanket
or pillow.

Click here to get the "Bring a Friend" Invitation 

Placement on uniform:

The badge is placed on the bottom of the left sleeve
The badge does not transfer to the Cub Scout uniform when the Joey Scout "goes up"; - As a Cub Scout, they will need to bring new friends.

Cub Scout Link BadgeCubs Link Badge

The Cub Scout Link Badge is earned by the Joey Scout as they prepare to "go up"; to the next section of Scouting -- Cubs Scouts. It is earned by visiting
the Cub Scout Pack, and learning the Cub Scout Promise and Law.Your Mob and Pack Leaders will arrange these linking activities.

The Link badge is the last badge that they earn as a Joey Scout, and can be worn throughout the rest of their Scouting Adventure, It is the first of the links in the chain of link badges to be gained as they progress from Section to Section.


Their Service - Our Heritage      Their Service Oure Heritage

This badge is earned by attending events that are a part of ANZAC rememberance.

Usually, participation in your local ANZAC memorial march, or attending the Dawn service in Joey Uniform, is enough to qualify. This badge can ONLY be worn for the year it is presented, and MUST be removed form your uniform around the following ANZAC day. Each year the edging colour is different, which means a new
badge can be earned each year, in all sections of scouting.

Uniform Badge Placement

"The badge is to be worn on the right sleeve as a specialist badge." This is consistent across all youth Sections and for the Leader uniform.


World Environment Badge

More information coming soon.

World Environment Badge