Duty Of Care

Duty of Care

The Joey Scout Section has a duty of care to its' Youth Members - the Joey Scouts.

Our guidelines require that there be a trained Joey Scout Leader in charge, and a second Joey Scout Leader (who may be in training) present at all times in the Joey Scout Mob. The second Leader may be a Leader-in-Training, and they will both be holders of current Working with Children Check cards, and will have been cleared in a Police check. These Leaders will be specifically trained in the Joey Scout Section, to recognise and understand the needs of this age group. There will be a Parent Roster in place, whereby all parents are expected to attend a Mob meeting once or twice during a term.

Our guidelines also require certain Adult/Youth ratios, for Joey Scouts this is 1 : 5 in the Scout Hall, so typically 2 parent helpers will be rostered on for every Mob meeting. Other ratios apply to out-of-hall and special activities.

Joey Scout Sleep-Over Policy

To extend the opportunities and experience of the Joey Scouts. The Sleep-Over will support the Scouting Aims and Principles - to encourage the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual development of the Joey Scout and allow them to learn through doing.

The Leader in Charge of the Sleep-Over to have completed the Joey Scout Advanced Outdoor Activities Course. All Leaders and Parents attending the Sleep-Over to have Police Clearance and WWC. As part of the Leader / Youth ratio, there must be a Leader with the Joey Scout Advanced Outdoor Activities qualification  for every  20 Joey Scouts. Joey Scouts to be registered members of the Association.

Sleep-Over to be held in the Group Scout Hall or in a suitable hall local to your Group. The Hall must have adequate heating, a phone or mobile and smoke detectors must be in the hall for the duration of the activity. All Joey Scouts to sleep in the same room with all Leaders and Parents. No dormitory or canvas accommodation will be considered.

The hall or building is to have toilet facilities - prefer indoor and wash facilities. If the hall has outdoor toilets the same precautions as a normal Mob meeting are to be observed.

Minimum Adult/Leader ratio to the Joey Scouts is 1:4 for a Mob and District Sleep-Over. Leaders from other sections or other Mobs can be utilised. Hall regulations to be adhered to.

People responsible for meals are not to be included in the Adult supervision ratio. Menu is to be submitted for approval. Leader in Charge responsible for dietary requirements and communicates with the meal preparer.

First Aid:
Person responsible for First Aid must hold a current Level 2 qualification and not be included in the Adult supervision ratio. First Aid is responsible for a current First Aid Kit per Info book, hold current health forms, have phone numbers of Parents during the activity, hold Leaders/Adult forms in a sealed envelope (that is returned after the activity) and have current Management Plans e.g. Asthma. All incidents are to be recorded.

All medication is to be handed to the designated First Aider in a sealed, named bag with clear instructions and dosage, by the Parent/Carer. Exception: Asthma puffer to be held by the Joey Scout.

Sleeping Accommodation:
Leaders and Adult Support helpers are to sleep in the hall at one end but not amongst the Joey Scouts.

Mob Sleep-Over: GL to approve. Copy of program & Scout Safe Risk analysis 4 weeks prior.
District Sleep-Over: DC to approve. Copy of program & Scout Safe Risk analysis 4 weeks prior.
Scout Safe Risk analysis appropriate for Leader of Youth, and to have building requirements noted.

This is a Major Event - Joey Scouts may sleep in a large marquee which replaces a Hall for practical purposes.