Joey Games

In Joeys we play lots of fun games.

Featured below are a few games you might play with your Joey Mob.

Potato Relay

In teams. Relay race with sticks (newspaper rolls) and odd shaped potatoes. Joey Scouts roll potato to end, round chair, and back to team and pass stick to next in line. Make sure both potatoes are oddly shaped!

Who's Missing?

Joey Scouts move around the room to music. When music stops, Joey Scouts drop to the floor, eyes closed. One Joey Scout is covered by a large box. Remaining Joey Scouts must try to name missing child.

Fish and Net

Three to five Joey Scouts join hands to catch fish by surrounding individual Joey Scouts. Those who are caught become a part of the net. The last three to five caught make up the net for the new game.

Smile Tag

Joey Scouts form two equal lines facing each other and about 1 metre apart. One is heads the other tails. The leader tosses a coin and calls out the side turned up. If it is heads, the heads laugh and smile, while the tails must remain solemn. The heads try to make the tails laugh; those who do laugh have to join the heads’ side. The coin is tossed again and, if it comes up tails the tails have to try and make the heads laugh.


One of the Joey Scouts is the lighthouse, at one end of the hall. Half the Mob are rocks and they are spaced around the floor, with a gap between them. The rest of the Mob are ships who have to make their way blindfolded, through the rocks to the lighthouse.

On go, the lighthouse goes Woo-woo to guide the ships. The rocks go Swish-swish very gently, to warn the approaching ships of danger and the ships are supposed to sail between the rocks to the lighthouse beyond. If a ship hits a rock it sinks and stays where it is. When all the ships arrive at the lighthouse, the two halves of the Mob swap sides – the rocks become ships and the ships become rocks and they have a replay.