Joey Scout Sleepover Badge

SO-badgeThe Sleepover Badge

Joey Scouts may earn a badge signifying that they have successfully been to a Sleepover.

Importantly, earning the badge means that the Joey Scout can meet all the requirements below. Earning this badge is a great preliminary to attending a Joey Scout Kangaree, as the experience gained is a easy to do preparation for the 'culture shock' of being with 500 other Joey Scouts for the enormous sleepover.

Badge Placement

The badge is to be placed on the bottom of the LEFT sleeve, just above (touching) the hem of the sleeve.


  • Attend a sleep over
  • Pack a bag of clothes & stuff a sleeping bag
  • Hygiene - know the 5 times when they should wash their hands
    • After going to the toilet
    • Before eating
    • After Eating
    • When they blow their nose
    • When they are dirty

 There is a form in the Resources Section to order badges .. the link to it is >HERE<

It is a Microsoft .DOCX file - you should save it to your computer, then use it is as needed.