Kangaree 2016

Dare To Dream

Ahah! You are looking for everything that there is to know about Kangaree 2018, aren't you ?

Ok - well we can't tell you tooo much yet ( we have to keep some surprises don't we ) but the journey to Kangaree 2018 has started.

The Joey Scout Council has appointed the Kangaree 5 management team and the wheels are turning already so we are on the way.

We are Dreaming a lot ....

Stuff we can say

Where: Lardner Park

When: 17-18 March 2018


What can you do to get ready?

  • Have a Sleepover with your Joey Scouts.
  • Program a night on food safety and hygiene (wash your hands Sammy, brush your teeth Sarah)
  • Start dreaming

.... The Kangaree 2018 Team

Getting tangled