Objectives Of The Joey Scout Section

The Joey Scout Section has these objectives - that boys and girls in Joey Scout Mobs will have the opportunities to:

  • Learn through participation in enjoyable activities.
  • Develop a sense of sharing.
  • Develop a sense of personal identity through exploration of surroundings and nature.
  • Provide a means for personal expression.
  • Develop the sense of belonging.
  • Accept the Joey Scout Promise and participate in activities which will expand their understanding and experience in the Joey Scout theme of "Helping Other People".
  • Develop an awareness of God.
  • Develop an appreciation of the history and ideals of the Scout Movement.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for one's self and one's actions.
  • Encourage progression to the Cub Scout Section.

In short, the Joey Scout Section will help Joey Scouts learn about self, nature, helping others and as a result find fun.

The Joey Scout Motto


Help Other People

The Joey Scout Promise

I promise to do my best, to love my God and be helpful.