Zoo Day 2015


Victorian Joey Scout – Zoo Day - Nov 18th 2017

This year the Zoo Day will be on November 18th.

The Zoo is open between 9am and 5pm. Entry for children under 15 is free and for Leaders and Adults the cost is $26.50 Prepaid. Concession holders will need to pay on the day, and FOTZ's are free.

More information about Prepayment will be here soon. 

Zoo Day badges can be purchased for $2.50 each at pavilion 3 on the grassed area near the train station entry from 10am to 2pm. Bring along your picnic lunch and enjoy time with the Leaders and Joey Scouts across the state.

If you require any further details please contact your Joey Scout Commissioner.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the day!


Zoo Conservation Campaigns

Click on the links to get more information

They’re Calling On You

This is a mobile phone recycling program, with old phones collected by members of the public and donated to us being recycled/reused  and money raised supporting the Gorilla Doctors, who do amazing work with wild gorillas, as well as our conservation work. Collection drives are a great way to get a lot of old phones, and there is free postage for any phone, free courier pick up for more  than 10 phones.

Some Joey Scouts have already done some great work with this campaign in the past, and collecting phones is a nice easy way to get involved. Posters are available at the website linked above, and I can also send through additional materials if this is chosen.

When Balloons Fly

This is our newest campaign, working to remove balloon waste from the environment and stop it threatening wildlife. Groups and individuals can make  a promise to not use balloon at their outdoor events, using wildlife friendly alternatives. Scouts could do this, using alternatives at their outdoor events, and work to spread the message to their schools and community groups about the campaign, as few people  are aware of the impact balloons can have in the environment.

Love Your Locals

This is all about loving and appreciating local wildlife species, especially those that are lesser known and threatened with extinction. We  have 21 species involved in this campaign, and scouts could learn about one or more of these species, and investigate how they can help them, as well as help raise their profiles by talking with their communities/schools.

Beads For Wildlife

This program helps women in Northern Kenya with a reliable and wildlife friendly source of income, helping them move away from making money that  threatens wildlife.

These beads can be purchased within fundraising kits.