Booking Max And His Team

Booking Max for promotional events

Max and his Team can be booked to attend your Group, District or Region promotional activity. Max and his Team rove the event giving away promotional items and help attract visitors to your Scouting activity.



Booking Max and his Team:

You can book Max and his team now by sending an email to You will receive a reply letting you know Max’s availability for the date and time you have requested. Max is quite often booked by community organisations as well as Scouting  so you need to make your inquiries early when planning your event. Max is not available to attend local Scout celebrations or parties, his primary purpose is to promote Scouting to the general public.

Promotional items:

Max and his team, do not provide general Scouting promotional items should be ordered by you via the Scouts Victoria website. Order promotional items


Max's appearance fee has been waived when a Scout Group, District or Region books Max to promote Scouting at an event.  A nominal travel charge is payable to cover the cost of the Team Max's travel to and from the event. This is payable upon confirmation of your booking.


Please ensure that you make parking arrangements for Max and his wrangler if parking is an issue. Contact the event organiser prior to the event to obtain parking permit or event pass etc. These  permits or passes need to reach Max and his Team well in advance of the event.

 Who is Team Max?

Team Max is comprised of Rovers and Venturers and Leaders who volunteer their time above their normal commitments to their sections of Scouting. Max is required to have one to two wranglers with him at all times to assist him as he roves the events. Team Max assists in distributing your promotional items and by attracting visitors to your Scouting activity. Team Max do not assist in the staffing of your Group, District or Regional activity.

Health and Safety:

Please consider the health and safety of Max and his Team when planning your promotional activity. Max and his team require an area for changing and storing of their personal items, this is usually a room or other suitable shelter. Bottled water is also required for Max and his Team as this type of promotional activity is very demanding. Max will rove the event for set periods of time, taking breaks between appearances.

 Further inquiries:

Should you wish further information, please send an email to