2016 Show

140 Scouts and Guides invite you to join them for our 64th year, a show full of excitement, rhymes, and maybe even a laugh.


The 2016 Show

Act 1.

At the very beginning of time fairies and humans lived happily together. But with time, humans grew up. With time, they grew old – too old to believe in fairies. This had dire consequences, and fairies had no choice but to retreat to a far off land for safety, relying on human belief for their survival.

Young Charlie still believes in fairies and is eagerly awaiting her visit from the Tooth Fairy. But her older brother, doubting Thomas, has no time for these fantasies – or so he thinks. Thomas wakes up to find himself in Fairyland where the elves, trolls, gnomes and pixies are convinced he is their saviour. Thomas meets the Pixie Princess, Bella, who guides him on a journey of discovery and belief. But along the way, the King’s Advisor is determined to cease all contact with the human world – does that mean Charlie won’t get her gold coin?


The stakes are high with the fate of Fairyland and its creatures on Thomas’ shoulders. He has to believe to save them all, to save Bella and to preserve the dreams and hopes of children everywhere.


Act 2.

It’s the 1960s and Misty Beach is the hottest place to be. Donna’s Diner is heart of this beachside town and the hippest hangout for all. They come to listen to the grooviest tunes on the jukebox, the shakes and burgers are delicious and life is easy.


However, Donna’s Diner is under threat of demolition by a grudge-bearing rival from her youth, bank manager Patricia Cash. Patricia will stop at nothing to close down the diner in revenge. All hope seems lost until Donna’s long time friend, Rick, comes up with a plan to save the diner. Rick and the kids from the town help by holding a televised talent show to put Donna’s Diner on the map.


Will everything go according to plan? Or will Patricia Cash prevail and build her Silver Starfish Seaside Resort? 


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