The Remote Venturer concept is a little different from the Lones concept which operates in other states. The principle difference has been that Remote Venturers in Victoria will be operated as a SUPPORT to local Groups/Districts/Regions rather than a replacement for them. The youth members who accept the support of Branch via the Remote Venturer Unit will always remain members of their local Group. They will be administered via that Group and the GL will collect their registration fees and manage the census on their behalf as they always have.

We emphasise that Remote Venturers is not an alternative "parallel system" that youth members can join in order to by-pass what is felt to be an unsympathetic Leader or a method of "working" the award scheme. The award scheme will be run rigorously to maintain the high esteem associated with the Award Scheme.

If you need further information feel free to contact the Remote Venturer Leader, Michelle Simberg as This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We would be pleased to offer an information session in your Region if you wish.