Scouts Australia and Landcare Australia are proud to announce changes to the Scouts Landcare Badge, making receiving a Badge easier than ever.

Mr. Fergus Lloyd, Scout Australia’s National Environment Advisor said, “We want every scout involved in the important task of making a difference to their environment so we’ve made access to being awarded a Landcare Badge easier than ever.”

The latest changes to the Landcare Badge award have been applauded by many as being easier and more accessible to scouts.

To be eligible for a Landcare Badge, scouts will now only have to do the following:

  •     Participate in any three nationally accredited environment events either supported or run by Landcare Australia.
  •     In total, scouts will only need to spend 10 hours on  all three activities
  •     The three activities will need to be completed within a 12 month period.
  •     Scouts will have to register for their Landcare Badge with their local Scouts branch before starting these activities.
  •     Finally scouts who are members of a Landcare organisation, only need to prove their membership to be awarded a Landcare badge.

To find out about your local Landcare office or event visit the Junior Landcare website on