Nominations forms are now available on the Victorian website and directly please click here for these peer nominated awards which must reach District Commissioners or appropriate Activity Team Leaders by Friday 1st March.

The form can be completed online and now saved for Leaders and Supporters. We seek two pieces of supporting evidence for each of these five criteria about the person’s work and commitment in growing Scouting since their last award:

  • Be carrying out the responsibilities of his/her current Certificate of Adult Leadership or non-uniformed management role to the highest standard which contributes to youth membership growth.
  • Promotes team work and a positive attitude in mentoring fellow Adults in Scouting
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities which inspire enthusiasm among other Adults in Scouting.
  • Provide ideas for the future direction of Scouting and demonstrates how they can be implemented to contribute to the development of youth and/or adults influenced by his/her role
  • Contributes to the wider Association by involvement in activities beyond the level of responsibilities normally expected in the appointment or management role held.