ANZAC Day Cub Sleepover

It is a tradition of the 5th Ballarat Cub-Scout Pack to stay overnight in the hall before ANZAC day and then attend the Dawn Service.  The cubs arrived at the Hall at 8pm and after milo and an ANZAC biscuit we settled down in our sleeping bags and watched Tin Tin on the big screen before lights out.  The next morning we where up bright and early at 5:15 to load into cars and head of to the service.

Despite the forecast for rain it held off for the service and the cubs appreciated the service.  There seemed to be a lot more people attending the service this year which showed Ballarat's support for ANZAC Day.  It did mean though it was a bit harder to get a car park so we might need to leave a little earlier next year. 

After the service all of the cubs went to McDonalds on Sturt street to warm up and have breakfast.  The cub are responsible for their own breakfast and some had Pancakes, some had Hashbrowns and a couple had just Hot Fudge sundaes. The leaders had the biggest coffee we could get.

Our thanks this year to the parents who stayed over and those other parents who also came with us to the Dawn Service to help with the cubs.

Janine Hannah (0408170825) and Shane Hall  (0414828483)