On the 8/5/12 Leichhardt Rover crew ran a “I want to be a Rover” program with our scout group at 1st /8th Blackburn. We kicked off the night with Chair Soccer – Rover style! However the leaders intervened and gave us quite a few extra balls to pay with, it turned into an fantastic organized mess


After that we split the scouts into their patrols and had them circulating around various different activities, a knot tying activity with glow sticks, a discussion about who rover are and what they do, a decoding game and a communication game using sticks. We wrapped up with a game of road kill and at the scouts choice, duck duck goose. We even had a couple of the rovers that were out run by some of the scouts!


It was a really successful night that the leaders really appreciated. When we started the night there were quite a number of scouts that did not know what a rover was, by the end of the night every scout said that they wanted to be a rover!

for more information on the I Want to be a Rover Program click here