Is your web page not showing the extranet button on the top right?  Please read on......


Many internet service providers (ISP’s) cache or save regularly visited pages from your browser to reduce time to load often visited pages, this facility has also been built into internet browsers – all in the desire to fulfill the consumers desire for speedy action on the web!  The result is that your frequently visited pages may not be the most up to date version and when they change you then get the type of problem you have just experienced. 

Please press ctrl + f5 to clear the caches on your computer, if this does not work then you will need to go to the tools options menu on your internet browser and delete your cache.

We have updated the front page of MyScout to give members access to e-learning and Scout Central at all times when on the site using the buttons on the top right.  We have also added "Join Us" and "Find my Nearest Group" in the centre of the page so potential members can find their nearest Group easily.