The report for the Agoonoree may not be finished until after I get back from Japan in the middle of November.  I cannot wait that long to personally thank you for all your hard work at the Agoonoree. It was an amazing experience and also a lot of fun!

During the Agoonoree several people were honoured with Tokens of Appreciation. They were all leaders and helpers who did extra work over and above what was expected. Their work does not in any way diminish what each of you has done but their extra effort and all they did behind the scenes deserves recognition.

Caro Moyes. Group Leader of 1st Mt Gambier. Caro is going to start a special needs Group at Mt Gambier and with enthusiasm gathered a team  to come to the Agoonoree to work and watch and learn. Well done.

Peter Rutley OAM has worked tirelessly to raise money to assist the 2nd Glenroy Group as well as arrange all the single beds, the tents and even the TV for the Grand Final. During the Agoonoree he never stopped.

Shane O'Brian. He is the man behind the pirate raft and spent hours building it. At the moment I bet he is one of the happiest activity leaders.  It was a great success.

Ken Bryce and his scouts from Macedon were coming and Going from the site with extra chairs and tables and other bits and pieces long before anyone arrived and long after everyone had left.

Scott & Tracey Sandow helped build the raft and spent hours at the site, week after week cleaning up the area for activities especially the Bush Golf course. A lot of practical work like putting in ramps and clearing the area so there was safe access to the raft was done by Scott.  Their daughter Melanie also did an outstanding job.

Peter Lee has been a great liaison with 4th Frankston promoting the Agoonoree and he spent a lot of extra time on the tedious task of getting necessary information for the application forms.

Sue Adams designed the Agoonoree badge and flag, autograph page, Agoonoree stickers and the Certificates, glow bugs and screen printing. No task as too hard for her.

Vicki Rothwell was our amazing cook. She provided fantastic nutritious meals with a lot of variety and still managed to provide for people on special diets.

Ben Stennett heard that I was staying in the camp on the Sunday night and packing up on the Monday. He returned late that evening and we worked together all Monday, cleaning up and then sorting, stacking and putting away at the hall. By Monday night we were both nearly dead.

Tomoyasu Niigawa. Tomo was certainly no token guest and as well as holding his Japanese tea ceremony 3 times he spent all of Friday setting up the camp and the helped clean up at the end. He is a great worker.

Wendy Morrow. My poor suffering wife who with other members of my family find they have no choice but to help me on various projects and are usually very glad when I finally go away. With my car, the ute and my accessible van we made a total of 9 trips to the camp. (205 kms round trip x 9 = 1,845 km's) Wendy with Ben spent hours doing the final cleaning of the camp on the Monday. 

I would like to acknowledge the work of three people who all received Tokens of Appreciation earlier this year.

Kristen Versteege-Brown. Her love and care of her scouts is a delight to watch. Kristen designed the fantastic Passports. David Blake, looked after my scouts when I was busy elsewhere. As well as being a leader at Bundoora he has willingly given so much time to my own Group especially when I was sick. Erolyn Blythe has dedicated her life to scouts with special needs and was so excited that her son Connor was able to enjoy the Agoonoree - more than I think she ever dreamed.

Special thanks also to Russell Bradd who arranged the Flag, Badges and the fantastic Dream Award - the best Scout Award I have ever seen.

Greg McDougall who has supported and encouraged me personally and always promoted the Agoonoree. Paul and Sharon the assistant Wardens at the camp who have been a fantastic help to us and to Peter and Joyce the camp Wardens for being so cooperative and also for arranging a very generous discount for the use of "Treetop's.

More thanks will be in the next NETWORK.

Attached is a special thank you to Michael Baden-Powell please click here to read it