A highly successful day with Adult Recognition Awards being presented to 169 members and a fun day at Gilwell afterwards with activities, BBQ and a great atmosphere.

So, who were these behind the scenes operators that we need to thank?:  Please click here to appreciate those who assisted.

  • the Branch Team for their preparation over many months – especially Kathleen and Catherine
  • the Gilwell Park team for their work in the weeks leading up to this event – Michael Hudson, Taylor Spiers, Craig Moore and Steve Hopkins
  • the Gilwell Heritage team for their work throughout the year and on the day – c/o Rob Millen
  • the Park looked fantastic on the day, as a result of the combined efforts of the GP Management team and the GP Heritage team
  • to our Major Events Team which c/o Russell Bradd, that included the Police Scouters for their traffic control on the day, S.T.A.G.E. Technical Team for the sound system, the Equipment Team and the catering/Refreshments team, and many other helpers
  • the Wheelers Rover Crew for their assistance with flag break and marshaling the recipients – c/o Stewart Halliwell,
  • the Team from the Heritage Centre for the Reception/Registration centre on the day – c/o Aline Thompson,
  • the awards ‘cushion bearer’ - Zoe Park, a member of the newly formed Branch Youth Council
  • to Brenda Hoppen and Mary Stanek for managing the awards and certificates so well, providing a seamless operation on the day
  • the Scout Band c/o Rod Savage,
  • the Gilwell Reunion team for the refreshments – c/o Andrew Rothwell,
  • the Joey team for promoting Kangaree #3 and providing some fun activities
  • the Cub team for promoting Cuboree #8 and providing some fun activities
  • the Scout team for promoting AJ2016 and providing some fun activities
  • the Venturer team for promoting AV 2015 and providing some fun activities and slurpies and balloons
  • the Rover team for promoting Moot 2014 and providing some fun activities
  • the Gilwell Park Patrol Activity team, c/o Ian Campbell, for providing many activities,
  • and to all of the BLAA teams in attendance, managing the initiative and ropes activities, especially Peter and the Abseiling team, Mark and the High Ropes team, Aggers and the Rockclimbing team, and Tony and the Caving team for their assistance with the various ‘ropes’ activities, supported by many other BLAA’s team member on the day
  • the Environment team c/o Annette for their activities in the Environment Centre,
  • the Geocaching team for their activity c/o Lawrie and Andrew,
  • Chris Neilsen and her team for the Scout magazine articles,
  • Reg Williams, the Chief Commissioner Scouts Australia, for flying in and out on the day to participate in the presentations,
  • Bob Taylor, the Chief Commissioner Scouts Victoria, for driving in and out on the day to participate in the presentations,
  • Dennis, our official Photographer
  • And of course to anyone else I have omitted to include in the above – thank you.

Clearly, a large cast of volunteers working hard to provide a special day

Please convey our sincere thanks to all of your team members, and we will see you next year (we know who you are)