This year, the Christmas Tree Sales Microsite will list all Groups by direction from the CBD (North, South, East West; listing by Metro or country) who advise us that they are selling Christmas Trees, this will link back to your page on your Group’s Microsite (or to another site that your Group actively maintains for promoting Tree Sales).   If you are using MyScout, we are happy to set up your page and ensure all the links work etc or you can set up your own page on MyScout under your Group microsite.

In addition to this, we’ve created & embedded a public Google Calendar to the Christmas Tree Microsite (to ensure entries are easily found through various search engines), and we will promote Christmas tree sales through the Scouts Victoria Facebook.

To promote your Christmas Tree sales don't forget to send in a note to your local paper and put up a sign at your loca schools.

If your Group is interested in selling trees, please advise the following information ASAP we'll promote it to the world!

  •  Group Name
  • Group Contact Name
  • External Website (Non-Myscout) if applicable
  • Sale Location: (eg Scout hall address)
  • Pre-order?  (yes/no/method & contact details)
  • Size and Price
  • Tree Stands: Availability & Price
  • Delivery options & price

 Send the info to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it