The Cubs from the Hume District were lucky enough to be invited to attend the 3rd Sunbury Cubs Market night. This night was designed by the very clever leaders, as a chance to pass off  those little tests they may need in their boomerang work.

      The hall was decorated to look as though you were walking through a night market with tables, umberellas, fairy lights and stall holders(leaders and parents0. The wares that the stalls had for the cubs were the little tests from the various levels of the Boomerangs. There were such things as finding the points of the compass, lighting a match correctly, tying a reef knot, folding a flag, knowing the cub law and promise and of course Baden Powells birthday. Plus many more.

For every test they completed they were paid a Cub dollar or 2 and once they had collected a few dollars they were encouraged to bank it in the onsite bank. Typical bank clerks, they were happy to take their Cub money but didnt give them any interest! The aim was to accrue the most money in your account.

Cubs were able to complete the same test over if they liked and they would be paid for it accordingly. So Scout saluting and left hand shakes were being done all over the place as they were worth a dollar, so quick money to be made.

The night was heaps of fun for all with special deals being spruked by the leaders to get cubs to their stalls. The build a tower stall was very popular with the challenge being set at 20 blocks high for 20 dollars, only a few acheived this task.

Chill became a Zulu warrior during the night to inspire us all to remember the reason for some of our traditions. At the end of the night the bank was closed and the money tallied and the top 5 were congratulated on great work. All cubs acheived many of their Boomerang tests and the leaders had a fun night too.

Thanks to the 3rd Sunbury leaders for running a great night and for allowing us all the join in. Thanks heaps from Woodstock and the Cubs of Tullapark