Some of the leaders from 1st Tullapark and ex rovers attended and competed in the fantastic weekend of Motorkhana racing at Mudbash this year.

Snoopy and Damian, the Venturer leaders were tested with their driving skills and also their mechanical knowledge. After blowing the alternator, the team had to wait while Damian made  a drive back to Seymour to get a replacement. This was not to be the only drama for the weekend. Alternator fixed Damian went on to drive really well in the night event- his personal favourite, coming 3rd.Brooke drove in the Dirty 41 and came 2nd, Haunted highlands was driven by Justin and he came 5th which was great for his first ever race.

On visitors day it was great to see lots of cubs and scouts enjoying the day and having lots of fun, some even got to have a ride in one of the buggies. The weather was perfect but the luck of the Pace car not so. Damian competed in the Quafftumbla and came 5th then Nikki jumped into drive and at the top of the hill, in the mud, slid around a corner and straight into a tree, she did finish the race but it was repair time again for the Pace. So Damian got into his car again but this time had to go all the way to Craigieburn to pick up a spare radiator, as we'd split ours and water was pouring out everywhere. With a 3 hour round trip the team missed a few races as we waited for Damian to return, we did a bit of remodelling to the front end while we waited.

Once back and radiator in we were back on the track and racing. Tullapark's Group leader Woodstock jumped behind the wheel to drive in the Fillies event and came 3rd. At the end of the weekend the team had missed 4 races and ended up coming 5th overall...Not a bad effort!!  Imagine if we done them all Watch out next year......

Besides the freezing nights and the mechanical issues we had a great weekend as always. The Rovers do a great job with this event and if you get a chance next year to attend their open day come along and join in the fun AND watch the PACE car race!!